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Tech Leaders Elite Membership

In order to become a member, you must register below.  After your registration, John Rouda will contact you to setup a 1-on-1 video conference using Zoom Meeting. During this video conference, John will ask you a few questions and spend 20 minutes getting to know you to make sure you’re a good fit for the group, and that the group is a good fit for you.  If you guys decide that this isn’t for you, then you will get a refund of your payment.  If the Tech Leaders Elite group is for you, then you get unlimited access to all membership content.

What Will You Learn?

You will learn all of the fundamentals to take your leadership skills to the next level.  If you’re a manager, be the best manager (boss) that your team has ever had. Learn how to communicate properly to business leaders, professionals and the tech community.  We discuss basic leadership and management skills that aren’t typically taught at work,  such as how to conduct one-on-ones, how to have difficult conversations, how to lead up, how to get over the imposter syndrome and much more.

Weekly Webinars

Every week we’ll jump on a live call for 30-60 minutes and discuss topics challenging the leaders in our community right now.  We’ll focus on what the community needs to learn and have an engaging conversation that will lead to results in the workplace. These webinars provide you the content and motivation to do your best work.  The work that you can be proud of.

Leadership Workshops

Every Quarter we’ll conduct a live targeted workshop covering specific leadership topics in depth.    The workshops will be longer in format and contain downloadable material and assignments for you take with you.  These quarterly training session help you level up your leadership game like nothing else. If you need more documentation, such as possible subjects and syllabi for work approval, please contact us for more information.

In summary you get all of this:

  • weekly webinars
  • access to recordings of all previous webinars
  • quarterly training on a specific leadership topic
  • access to recordings of all previous leadership trainings
  • guest speakers for just our Tech Leaders Elite club
  • access to recordings of all previous guest speakers

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